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Our facility was designed for dogs to have fun, for owners to have peace-of-mind, and to be the ultimate in convenience. From filtered water for your loved ones, to our master grooming equipment, you’ll love all the features 24 Hour Dog Daycare has to offer.


While other dog day care and boarding places want to charge costly late fees, or limit drop-off and pick-up hours in hopes of squeezing another day of charges out of you, 24 Hour Dog Daycare has taken the opposite approach. We don’t do late or hidden fees. 


Being avid dog lovers and owners, we know how precious these amazing animals are to their families. That’s why we have an uncompromising set of safety standards. We believe the best handled problems are the ones that are never allowed to happen.

Dog Day Care

Daycare, done right

24 Hour Dog Daycare is committed to giving your dog the best daycare experience they’ve ever had. That’s why we don’t bother with extra charges like “extra TLC” or “one-on-one play time”. Your dog is going to get all the attention they deserve and all the fun their heart desires. We recognize that different dogs have different play styles, and for that reason they also make different friends. For the safety and enjoyment of your dog, we will pick the play group it is best suited for rather than leaving it to fend for itself amongst dozens of other dogs.


Boarding, guilt free

Whether your dog prefers the company and play of other dogs, or just needs lots of human interaction, we have the boarding that’s right for you. We pride ourselves in our ability to cater to every dogs individual boarding needs. That’s why both our social and private boarding options come with lots of human attention and interaction. We don’t consider “TLC” or “one-on-one play time” to be “Extras”, because we know they are essential to your dog’s happiness. Other places have fees just for feeding your dog, or for giving medication, but how can you care for someones dog without taking care of these basic necessities? Regardless of which boarding option you choose, you can rest assured your dog will be well taken care of.


Dog Boarding
Dog Grooming


Grooming, you’ll love

Good grooming requires passion, and we’ve got it! Whether just a simple bath or a complex haircut, Sailey has you covered. Check out our facebook or instagram and you’ll see that the pictures speak for themselves! You’ll quickly see why our grooming customers are transformed into loyal patrons after just one visit.

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Saturday has been a blast, and we've had so much fun meeting all the new pups! Please welcome PRINCESS, BLAU, DUKE, VIXEN, PIPER, WILLOW, LUNA, CALLIE and DEA! ... See MoreSee Less

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Lisa A YoungHolley Wilson Godfrey--taking Wellington here for the first time tonight... he just isn't liking 10 hours in a kennel. He chewed part of his dog bed last night. So we are going to start this and it's is very close to the new hospital6 hours ago

Desy EgiptoPeludines que bellos son20 hours ago

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We're thankful it's Friday, and thankful for new friends! Welcome MUSHU, KODA and PATTON! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Thursday has been a ton of fun! The knuckleheads played a bunch and had a bunch of fun getting to know some new buddies. Welcome JAXYN, SADIE, KING, LARRY, MILTON and POSEY! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Karen KirbyWhere are you guys located & what is your #3 days ago

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Today we got to meet so many new friends and the pups had a blast welcoming them to the pack! Welcome ARGOS, BELLE, ACE, CEECEE, ZOEY, MILO, SUPER, NINTENDO and DIXIE! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Eileen BarkChristel Bickford May. This place could be good for Foxy1   ·  4 days ago

Sheila RossAweeeee4 days ago

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Wednesday June 21st
Wednesday June 21st
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5 days ago

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Desy EgiptoJajaja bien que saven que los estan grabando asta mas se lucen bien mis peludines sean felices x que yo soy feliz que ustedes sean felices4 days ago

Desy EgiptoEstan bellos hermosos simplemente hermosos peludines gracias mi Dios x que son felices y4 days ago

Aurora ZamudioToda una hermosura4 days ago

Michael MonsaleJoe Monsale, Angie Monsale Comeau, Divinia Wright5 days ago

Michael MonsaleSally Monsale, Crystal Monsale5 days ago

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