Welcome Pet


Dear Pet Parent, Pet

Welcome to the 24 Hour Dog Daycare family! We are excited to have you join us for an enriching and rewarding dog daycare & sleepover experience. Please make sure to read through this entire welcome packet for important information regarding what to expect, our policies, services we offer and FAQs.

Our mission here at 24 Hour Dog Daycare is to ensure every guests’ safety and enjoyment. We hope you will help us in fulfilling our mission by adhering to the safety rules. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a team member.

We are here to help both our guests and their parents have a great time!


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What to Expect

  • Dogs like to play with their mouths and paws, and they often play pretty hard. As a result, small scratches and scrapes are a normal and expected part of their play. We will separate any play we deem too rough and notify you of any scuffs we find on your dog. If you happen to find any “dents or dings” that we missed, certainly let us know!
  • It’s not uncommon for dogs to age out of daycare as they grow older. Puppies enjoy the rambunctious play, as they have a lot of energy to burn! While some dogs will enjoy daycare well into their senior years, many dogs have less need for intense physical exercise and their tolerance for (and enjoyment of), “puppy” antics often decreases with age.
Cage-free and Sound-Proofed Facility

The first day in daycare can be a lot of new experiences all at once, and you may notice some changes in your dog’s behavior when you get home. Many of these changes are normal and to be expected.

  • Dogs that play hard, sleep hard! Expect that your dog may be very tired at the end of the day and may continue to be more tired than normal the following day: especially if they are not used to so much activity.
  • There is fresh water available to the dogs at all times, but some individuals are not comfortable drinking while other dogs are present. Some dogs may be so excited about playing that they simply forget to drink! Because their activity level is higher, they will be more thirsty than normal after a day of play and may want to drink more than usual when they arrive back home.

Our Policies

  • We encourage everyone to allow their dog to use the designated Potty Area outside so your dog may relieve themselves before and after daycare. Free poop pick-up bags are available at the front desk and we will be happy to dispose of them for you. All poop MUST be picked up! Please help keep our facility and the grounds clean.
  • Dogs MUST be on leash at all times. Retractable leashes must be LOCKED at six feet or less. Please do not approach other dogs on leash, as some dogs may be protective or nervous while on leash. Alternatively, friendly meetings may result in tangled leashes where dogs cannot be safely separated, so it is best to avoid greetings altogether!
  • We are a “naked” daycare. No collars or harnesses may be worn by our canine friends in the play areas. We have storage bins for collars and leads that need to be left for the day. We do this for the dog’s safety, since sometimes during play a paw or jaw may get caught on another dog’s collar. This can lead to a potential injury. Safety is very important to us!
  • Remember to tell a staff member your approximate time of pick-up so we can appropriately keep track of attendance. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your dog, please notify a team member!
  • All dogs entering the facility must be on a monthly flea/tick preventative. If we find fleas on your dog while in daycare, we will separate them from the playgroup to prevent spread.


To make their experience unforgettable!

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  • Extended Walks
  • Club K9 (Miramar only)
  • Bathing services